These have been the hallmarks of my tenure as your State Attorney. You and our entire community deserve nothing less than a criminal justice system led by people on whom you can depend to do what is right consistently, independently and with integrity. As practitioners, you deserve nothing less than an office that will treat your clients fairly and justly.

I am extremely proud to have been chosen by the voters to be the State Attorney of the fourth largest prosecutor’s office in the nation. Through smart law enforcement partnerships and innovative programs, all crimes, including violent crimes, have substantially decreased during my tenure as State Attorney. I know that as one of the largest metropolitan and diverse communities in the United States, we are always faced with new challenges and our work is never done. I believe that I have proven that I will always meet these challenges head on and aggressively pursue the right solutions.

We continue to lead the state in the prosecution of career criminals and corrupt public officials, and have become statewide and national leaders in the prosecution of Human Trafficking.

I deeply appreciate your support. It is because of citizens such as yourself that my desire to continue as your State Attorney is so strong. With your help and your vote, I hope to continue our efforts to make this vibrant and diverse community a safer place for us all.